Cupich dismisses Viganò claims as a ‘rabbit hole’

Friend Blase can run but he can’t hide.

See? They find him from across the pond, hearing him speaking as one with back to wall.

As for the rabbit hole imagery, Cupich used it shortly after he had mouthed the currently acceptable generality about who, actually what, is to blame — the demon clericalism. 

The clericalist mindset, responsible for so much of the scandal, must be purged from church life. As Pope Francis has urged, we need to remember that it is our baptism that unites us. We as a church must reflect more deeply on what we share in common, rather than what distinguishes us.

The one detail he specifies and endorses is the call from Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, the U.S. bishops conference president, for “substantial leadership by laity” in any future invesigation.

Nothing about lay people who have resigned such positions out of frustration with churchmen they had to work with — or registered their disgust after working with them. Illinois Supreme Court justice Anne Burke being one of the latter.

Clericalism remains an approved catch-all for blame, unspecified as to who, what, when, where, not even in the wake of recent detailed reports by the Pennsylvania attorney general and Archbishop Vigano, to name just two.

Anything is preferred to citing a gay network that binds McCarrick, Wuerl, and others who benefit from their patronage. Among whom appears to be Cupich of rabbit-hole fame, captured in all his glory by NBC-Chicago veteran Mary Ann Ahern.

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