Bishop Eleganti: “The Pope’s silence is a classic non-denial!”

Interviewer ( to auxiliary bishop of Chur, Switzerland after close of World Meeting of Families in Dublin: 

Interviewer, August 30, 2018). “The attempts to rewrite the traditional doctrine that regards homosexual acts as disordered in themselves, and therefore forbids them, are conspicuous. Pope Francis is surrounded by cardinals and advisors who are headed in this direction.”

So says the Auxiliary Bishop of Chur and former Jugendbischof of the (Catholic) Episcopal Conference of Switzerland [i.e. the bishop delegated to oversee programs for the pastoral care of young people] in this interview with The World Meeting of Families in Dublin was completely overshadowed by the topic of sexual abuse, and not just because of the revelations by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Nuncio in Washington, D.C. Well, the Pope himself would like to say nothing about the accusations. What do you say about this?

Bishop [Marian] Eleganti, [O.S.B.]: The fact that Pope Francis does not want to say a single word about them is a classic non-denial. Lying, of course, is completely out of the question.

Speaks softly, carrying big stick of getting to the point.

More here at Catholic World Report

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