Parishioners defy Chicago Archdiocese, burn rainbow flag in ‘exorcism’ ceremony

Quite good story/interview by NBC 5 on subject blogged here yesterday.

Complete with details of the cutting and burning and picture:

Not to mention gay-opposition group position on the matter:

Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, a Catholic organization that advocates for LGBTQ equality, called the Resurrection Parish’s flag burning “disrespectful and destructive.”

“Those involved in this desecration are violating the core values of the Catholic faith,” she told NBC News. “They are hijacking the parish to further an extremist agenda, and damaging the community in doing so.”

Uncompromising, to say the least, stunning in fact. “Core values — note the term — of the Catholic faith”? Evidence, please, for that?


Duddy-Burke added that rainbow flags have come to symbolize a “sense of [blanket, unquestioning?] welcome” to LGBTQ people of faith and their families.

“When we see this symbol flying at our churches, we know this will be a place of welcome and affirmation and a place where God’s creativity is truly celebrated,” she said. “As Catholics, we work for the day when all of us feel fully welcomed in our church, and are able to participate in the sacramental life of our church as equals.”

As for her “where God’s creativity is truly celebrated,” she clearly wants more than welcome, rather than a rejuvenation and correcting of the standard masses, where God’s creativity is not truly celebrated.

Just the life and sacrificial death of the Savior. That’s all.

via NBC-5 Chicago

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