Plus its closer, “Smollett was admitted to Northwestern Hospital and released on Tuesday morning”?

Conradicted by the police account in Chi Trib:

After being treated for lacerations to his face, Smollett did not spend the night at the hospital, [police spokesman Anthony] Guglielmi said.

It’s entirely Smollett’s story in any case.

From Newsweek:

Much of the online conversation surrounds the possibility of the “Make America Great Again” appearing in the altercation. It’s unconfirmed that Trump-endorsed hats or sayings were used.


Unconfirmed accounts claim the men who attacked Smollett were wearing ski masks and yelled “This is MAGA [Make America Great Again] country]”


Smollett told officers the attack happened at 2 a.m. about one block away. Not much else can be determined from the [“really dark”] photos [both Chicago papers ran].

Well not much can be determined by anything but Smollett’s account and his condition at the hospital, apparently in its emergency room.

So we should stay tuned, with only Smollett’s word as to how he got lacerations to his face and neck.

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