Going it alone.

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

Back in my younger days, I considered the importance of ignoring what’s up front during Mass.

Various ministers were thrust up front by current rules. It’s not their fault, I told myself.

Politeness does not require looking at them, however, I added.

So don’t look, I said. Instead, mind your own business, reading and meditating on the day’s Scripture.

There’s too much going on up front, such as traipsing to and fro with book held high over forehead as if to ward off falling plaster, I said, prior to reading Scripture of the day.

It’s not helpful. Merely distracting.

Then you look up and see priest looking at you.

He can’t help it. Reverentially downcast eyes have not been part of his training.

But you can help it by not looking.

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2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I agree that there is too much posturing and parading at Mass. I wonder if having the lay readers at Mass unseen, like the choir used to be in the loft, would be helpful? Having people who read well, clearly, accurately, without annoying drama, and unseen, would allow the listeners to pay attention to the words, not the people.

    Further, we would be spared the coming and going of readers, leaders of song, which is time-wasting and distracting from the priestly role.


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