But you promised, Pope Francis . . .

. . . there would be something concrete!

On the first day of the summit Thursday, the pope fed hopes for concrete reforms when he gave bishops guidelines for discussion that suggested a code of conduct and the involvement of laity in their oversight.

There were speeches:

. . . three full days of televised speeches from bishops, laywomen, and a Nigerian nun who denounced the bishops for their “mediocrity, hypocrisy and complacency” in handling sex abuse.

Hopes sprang, as for . . . .

. . . a new Vatican office dedicated to policing misconduct by the hierarchy. Others wanted the pope to put “zero tolerance” into canon law and bring the world-wide church into line with the small number of national bishops’ conferences that require all clerical sex abusers who are convicted in church trials be removed permanently from ministry.

Alas, he couldn’t bring himself to do either . . .

One thought on “But you promised, Pope Francis . . .

  1. As one of your links stated, the plan of the Revolutionaries has been to change Church doctrine by the successful “cat foot” strategies of the Left. Pope Francis was elected to do just that. His confusing statements about sexual morality are part of the plan. His appointments of dissident, immoral individuals to high positions in the Church shout out his real beliefs and plans to anyone paying attention.

    Just as the conservative patriots of the U.S. are side-lined as “deplorables,” the conservatives of the Church are denounced as “rigid, uncompassionate.”

    In the civil arena, enough voters can stop madness. In the Church, it can be ended with emptying the pocket books of the Malefactors. Sadly, the new religion appeals to the sinner in all of us so collections increase at local parishes. Some of the best people are driven away to the detriment of their eternal souls.


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