Sung Latin Mass Saturday March 16, St. Ita’s Chicago

From Veritas, Bonitas, Pulchritas — the True, the Good, the Beautiful:

Discover the Latin mass.  You’re invited to a SUNG LATIN MASS, 1962 Roman Missal. Antonio Lotti’s Mass for Three Voices. Saturday March 16, 2 PM

Site also has list of events, mostly sung masses as above, in or centering on churches throughout the archdiocese since October, 2017.

Quite an operation, bearing unmistakable organizational and doctrinal-fidelity mark of Opus Dei, which operates almost always under media radar, relying on focused communication.

Go here for Facebook and here for Twitter elaborations.


Later: I have it on reliable information that my above speculation maybe was a good try, but no cigar. Info has it that a different group has organized and I am pleased about this. Opus D. is in a lot of places but not here, I am now convinced.

Yet later: The only group that organized is made up of three young individuals, with one of whom I chatted after the mass — which was marvelous, to be followed by a similar mass on June 15th at Marytown in Libertyville, 1:30 p.m.