Vasquez argument in 40th ward race vs. O’Connor: He’s an organizer . . .

. . . and he has our back, as he says in his flyers and was doing in December, 2017, as in this picture from his web site.

Andre the community organizer doing some organizing, 


The alderman of your dreams, right? Standing up at city council meetings, socking it to the miserable capitalists who are stealing shirts off backs.

Like in the 40th Ward, where not too many years back, Amundsen High was a mess, as a class of ’04 graduate recalled in conversation last week — gangs, drugs, metal detectors at the entrance. She and her husband with their child voted with their feet three years later, decamped in 2007 for Du Page County, their present home.

The school later got $28 million for fixing up (on its way to top-notch status), thanks to the incumbent and his contacts and know-how. The unbiased observer would call that having our back.

Or the resident of a block east of Winnemac Park who told me a year or so ago of her  and her neighbors’ regular morning routine in those bad old days of painting over gang graffiti on their garages. Now, she said, the big problem on the block for some is that the brand new street lights are too bright.

On the other hand, according to Vasquez’s publicist, the 40th Ward “is an area that could be the model for the corruption that exists in local government across the United States.”

Oh boy. Woe is us, living in a slough of corruption. No wonder we would want a new alderman who has quite recently devoted himself to bullhorn activism.

Just what the ward needs.

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