Breaking a rule . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

. . . where reverence was palpable, vs. happy-go-lucky mainstream Catholic service, starring priest as Jay Leno, full of smiles because we’re happy to be alive! This one was all business.

People came to pray not play, not to meet and greet except after mass, when there was lots of that.

Low mass, 7:30 Sunday, in small ex-Presbyterian church (converted by hammer and nail) 2/3 full, families and others. One server (a young man), priest with back to us, all of us looking towards God.


Weeks later, 10/10/2004: Parish bulletin warns people away from my illegal Latin mass church. It’s a “chapel,” says the bulletin, “that advertises itself as ‘Our Lady Immaculate Roman Catholic Church.'” But it’s actually not Roman Catholic but is run by the St. Pius X society founded by Archbishop Lefebvre, who was excommunicated, etc. etc.

 The bulletin quotes the Pope about the “grave…

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