St. Ignatius alumni demand answers on 2017 firing of gay teacher ‘outed’ by student | Chicago Sun-Times

Messy, messy.

A group of alumni of St. Ignatius College Prep is demanding answers from the Near West Side high school after the story of a 2017 firing of a gay teacher resurfaced last month [Sun-Times

The teacher, Matt Tedeschi, wrote an essay in March sharing new details from his controversial firing, which he claimed at the time was because he was ???outed??? by a student as a gay man. In the essay published on Medium, Tedeschi revealed he had also been criticized by administrators when he forwarded a report of a student???s sexual assault to the school leadership.

One of the many wrinkles in the story:

Tedeschi, though, said he found out from an administrator that there were plans to terminate him solely because of the dating profile before the sexual assault was even reported.

Online dating profile?

Tedeschi???s trouble at St. Ignatius started in spring 2016 when a student found the teacher???s profile on the dating site OkCupid and learned he was gay, Tedeschi wrote in his [Medium] essay.

He dismissed that as a problem: “Other teachers at St. Ignatius have online dating profiles, he said, including profiles on OKCupid.” according to a DNA info story in 2017, when he was fired.

Well, if that’s not a problem, it shows how things have changed. (But you knew that, Jim.)

Tedeschi makes his case rather detailed and convincing — student sneaky troublemakers, administrators’ clumsy, covering-up responses, etc. Sneaky students you always have, Ditto clumsy, devious administrators — though a dear friend who worked many years in a high school office is quick to remind one of rules and laws that prevent administrators telling all they know.

Scandal is the issue, but so is equity.