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More on the Brazil seminaries report: (Someone there is who doesn’t like transparency — this is about seminaries in general, not just Brazil.)

To break the silence on homosexuality in the seminaries and among the clergy. pope emeritus Benedict XVI had to move into action, in the “notes” on the scandal of abuse that he published last April 11 —

Joseph Ratzinger On Sexual Abuse in the Church: “The Ultimate Reason Lies in the Absence of God”

after his successor Francis had kept them locked away in a drawer for two months.

Between the Two Popes There Is “Fracture.” The Silence of Francis Against Benedict

“Vox clamantis in deserto.” (Voice crying in the desert)

Locked in a drawer? Phew.

Homosexuals In the Seminaries: A Startling Survey In Brazil – Complicit Clergy

Specter haunting the Church? Elephant in the room?

The authors of the survey, Elismar Alves dos Santos and Pedrinho Arcides Guareschi, both religious of the congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer [Redemptorists] and both specialists in social psychology and with prestigious academic qualifications, conducted in-depth interviews with 50 theology students of these seminaries, coming away from them with results that are decidedly alarming.

First of all, the interviewees say, homosexuality in their seminaries “is a common thing, a reality ever more present.” So normal “that it even reaches the point of being trivialized.” It is the widespread conviction among them “that in reality 90 percent of seminarians today are homosexual.”


Some homosexuals – they say – “seek the seminary as a means of escape so as not to take on before their families and society the responsibilities connected to their behavior.” Others “discover that they are homosexual when they are already in the seminary,” finding a favorable environment there. And almost all of them, some say 80 percent “go in search of sexual partners.”

Homosexuality, in fact – they state – “is a reality present in the seminaries not only in the order of being, but also in the order of practice.” Many practice it “as if it were something normal.” The authors of the survey write: “In the vision of the research participants, in the present context of the seminaries a good part of the seminarians are in favor of homosexuality. And, even more, they maintain that if there is love in a homosexual relationship, there is nothing wrong. They say: ‘’If there is love, what harm is there?’”

Amor vincit omnia — motto of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales’ prioress

CTU election: Progressive Chicago Teachers Union leaders face challengers looking to ‘refocus’ in Friday election

From political action to working conditions.

My namesake grandfather, then head of the pressmen (later CFL president for an 18-month term, taking his turn), argued the very point. Working conditions and compensation yes, political maneuvering no.