A booming economy makes Trump look wiser than his detractors | Spectator USA

Will never cease to amaze me.

What delicious reading it makes going back over Paul Krugman’s missive in the New York Times on the morning after Donald Trump was elected in 2016. ‘Global recession with no end in sight…when are markets going to recover? A first pass answer is never…’ Those words should be carved into a façade somewhere in Wall Street and held up for ever after as an example of hubris of economic forecasters.


Irish Ass. of Catholic Priests in toddler meltdown mode against Francis over no women deacons | Fr. Z’s Blog

‘Tis a sad day that has no women deacons around to get us over the rough spots.

There are, apparently, still some priests left in Ireland for the tens of people who still want the sacraments. Evidence for this claim is found in a story at IrishCatholic.com. It concerns that pungent group, the Ass. of Catholic Priests. Have a look at this spittle-flecked nutty against Francis concerning the deaconette situation.

Have a look if you want your heart rendered.