Virtue Signalling – Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Common sense like this is refreshing indeed.

How has your virtue signalling gone this week? Have you praised recycling, veganism or rolled your eyes at the mention of Donald Trump? In my area, free bicycles were left on the street for all who wanted to use them so as to reduce carbon emissions and save the earth. It was a clear sign of virtue to use them and reduce the number of cars on the roads. The only trouble was, the streets were soon littered with broken and vandalized bicycles, some being found at the base of cliffs. How could such a virtuous concept be received so ungratefully, so unvirtuously?

You gotta wonder.

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Pope issues new norms on mandatory abuse reporting and bishop accountability – Vatican – Chicago Catholic

This is bishops correcting bishops. But that hasn’t gone so well, right?

Cardinal Cupich issued a statement explaining that the new law will allow the U.S. bishops to move forward with procedures to hold bishops accountable for failing to handle abuse cases properly.

See what I mean? It’s as if they had not been allowed previously, which legally in church law is apparently true. But they went along with the problem for many years without a peep.

Anyhow, this is bishops calling other bishops out. The policing bishops with be metropolitans, such as Cupich for Illinois, by the way.

And keep in mind, this new plan is what Cupich announced at the Baltimore meeting in November, when a more ambitious conference plan which would have given at least investigative authority to lay people was squelched at the last minute by a Vatican committee. (See also here.)

He sells the new approach now as heralding a new day, which is far from obvious.