Baby on board:

images.jpeg.jpg?w=300&h=196Human being, in 3D and in colour

The law recently passed in Alabama meant to restrict the legal right to abort ??? a law clearly meant for a test in the Supreme Court ??? has leftists of all shapes in a state of hysteria.

It is a bit, albeit on a smaller scale, like watching the movie of Trump election again: countless Libtards inordinately whining and screaming as a reaction to their impotence to stop the tide of common sense.

I have bad news for the poor, deranged feminists of both sexes: their evil struggle is doomed in the long term.

The advancements of technology make it more and more difficult to deny the personhood of a baby in the womb. The very vocabulary says it: I did not use the expression ???a future baby in the womb???. The baby is here, as a baby, when he is in the womb.

???Baby on board???.

But they seem to be understanding that already — actually have understood it for some time — with their infanticide promotion.