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Let’s hear it for Sun-Times . . .

Chicago Newspapers

Noose paper readers the metro area over, pay heed. Chi Sun-Times online has firmed up entirely.

From flabby minefield of jump-ups even for a subscriber to clear organization and crisp performance.

Congratulations to the happy few guarding the pass at Thermopylae, and pardon the historical mixing up. In a blogger’s hurry, you know.

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Ex-gang members and concerned neighbors say they need help from new mayor to fight violence in Chicago – Chicago Tribune

Gimme a lede that keeps me reading . . .

Chicago Newspapers

I call this an insufferably soft lede. What do you call it?

The students sit in a semicircle at Kennedy-King College in Englewood. They listen, take notes, sometimes laugh, sometimes nod in agreement as the teacher goes over ways to talk people out of violence.

Let us listen. Hear the violins?

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