In Springfield, the same old crap | The Barbershop: Dennis Byrne, Proprietor

How much stuff hit the fan? Lots.


  • Illinois drivers will be left with the second highest total gas tax burden??in the nation as lawmakers voted to double the state’s??gas tax to 38 cents from 19 cents a gallon. This would??cost the average driver about $100 more per year. Additional??fee increases include those on??car registrations,??electric car registrations, motor homes, parking garages and diesel fuel.
  • The budget relies on a number of gimmicks such as fund sweeping, overly optimistic assumptions that may not materialize, and one-time revenue sources from areas such as sports gambling licenses
  • Lawmakers filled the budget with millions in wasteful spending for items such as decorative streetlights, construction for parks and gazebos, and exposing ???youngsters to the game of golf.???

Not to mention:

A proposal by Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi to reform the crooked and broken Cook County method for assessing commercial buildings failed after an??onslaught against it by special interests.

With governor one of theirs, the ruling party runs with it . . .

Enclosed in Silence: Cistercians’ Life of Prayer Draws Millennial Women

Something there is (in Wisconsin) that doesn’t like the world, or has a new way of showing it does like the world, enough to put all chips on living in or near it as something good for all concerned. (Something like that.)

As other religious communities face declining vocations and the need to downsize as a result, the Wisconsin Cistercians attribute their growing membership to young women seeking to live radically for God in a religious vocation, together with the community’s simple, centuries-old silent life of prayer and manual work. In another part of the Madison Diocese, set in the countryside where weather extremes can sometimes feel penitential, the community plans to build their new monastery that incorporates beauty, Cistercian architectural principles and modern environmental practices.

All in for prayer and the simple life for these ladies.