Cardinal Cupich might brush up on his knowledge of canon law . . .

He talks around the issue . . .

via Cdl. Cupich’s rationales for not taking canonical action against prominent pro-abortion Catholic politicos are as unconvincing as ever | In the Light of the Law

“Sanctions” are not the issue. Rather, the issues are preventing scandal and sacrilege.

Neither is “Changing people’s minds” the issue. He can’t let it go at that, “as if that satisfies his duty in the matter . . .  any more than a father can excuse sitting by while members of his household act against the common good, by saying, “Well, I told them what was right and wrong.”

California Democrats’ war on exposer of Planned Parenthood as body-parts purveyor

via Pro Life Warrior Fined $195,000 | Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Among the Dems, Kamala Harris involved in unprecedented prosecution:

In a recent statement [hidden camera producer David] Daleiden points out, “Not a single other undercover journalist has ever been prosecuted under the California video recording law, and they record and publish hidden camera stings on a weekly basis. My case is the first and only one, because it is Kamala Harris’s politically-motivated attack on my First Amendment rights to benefit her friends and donors at Planned Parenthood.”

Lots more here on the situation, plus at his Center for Medical Progress site.

Francis as fishwife, giving it to the disagreeables . . .

via The Pope Francis Little Book of Insults

He has a way with words. No doubt about it. For instance:


Such a mouth on him.