C S Lewis and the errors of German Christianity

Not quite a chicken-and-egg thing, or should not be, in view of the primacy of the universal church, which is not a collection of locals but that from which the locals have arisen.

Because it is so topical to the debates going on at the moment in the Catholic Church, we have been considering the Truth that the Universal Catholic Church is ontologically prior (see earlier posts for that weirdo expression) to the local Church; and understanding how wrong the Kasperites are in putting the local Church first…

That would be the German cardinal, Walter Kasper, a leader in the movement within the church for loosening bonds with Rome and going one’s own way as regards what counts and what doesn’t.

It’s a German thing but also, historically, a French and Belgian and Dutch thing — oh those Northern Europeans, to whom we owe so much and yet better watch out for, at least the Kasperites among them.

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Joe Biden under fire from rivals for remarks about civility with segregationists —

Egad, the more they complain, the more they exemplify Biden’s point, namely not to demonize your opponents, nor agree with them. Biden’s critics show they are unable to follow this path, much less respect it.

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former Vice President Joe Biden came under sharp criticism from some of his Democratic presidential rivals on Wednesday for remarks he made this week about his time working civilly with segregationists serving in the Senate in the 1970s. FILE PHOTO: New York City Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill de Blasio […]

He couldn’t get away with passing praise for Mike Pence either, and they made him retract that. Emotion matters, but for them it’s the ruling element.

via Joe Biden under fire from rivals for remarks about civility with segregationists —