The open-minded Irish bishop with a son in Devon

The Anglican connection . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

Fr. Hunwicke (say “Hunnick”) served some years ago (in his Anglican days) in the Church of Ireland, where a much respected and appreciated bishop . . .

. . . shared with [him] the information, which had clearly struck him, that in the Devon Anglican parish where one of his children lived, the full Roman Rite was in use. He mentioned this as something interesting, perhaps even surprising, but not outrageous.

Open-minded man, high–church, one who, unlike Fr. H. did not follow the now Saint John Henry Newman, as they say “across the Tiber.” He was “Bishop Ned,”

a kindly, highly intelligent, and quietly sociable [married] Bishop, who knew his people and was liked by them.

Fr. H. added that he was

a Corkman by descent, [who] perhaps . . . had picked up the gracious ethos of traditional Anglican ministry from his many clerical ancestors.

Which I would say…

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