Rich Miller catches the mayor in a what? Shocking word . . .

This analysis by prolific and all-knowing Rich Miller has a stunning headline in its Sun-Times version of yesterday, calling it “Lightfoot’s pension blunder” to deal as she did with Governor P.

Stunning because it’s still early in her honeymoon period to be accused so bluntly in a head, especially with her landslide victory only three months old. Jumped out at me, I know.

The head, stunning as it may be, seems justified in view of Miller’s acidulous commentary, including this:

What this rookie mayor doesn’t yet seem to quite grasp is that if she wants state help for her city then she has to make friends and allies. And you obviously don’t do that by allowing the state’s leaders to be blindsided by a tax proposal which has zero chance of being considered, let alone passed.

You also don’t make friends by setting up the governor and the General Assembly to take the blame for your own failure. They aren’t the City Council, which can be pressured into standing at the new mayor’s command during an inauguration ceremony. [Emphasis added]

So much for Miller’s perspicacity.

Time for some acidity at this end, however, in re his:

The governor has flatly ruled out any sort of state assumption of local pension liability. He explained, with strong evidence, that doing so could quickly hurtle the state’s bond rating into junk territory.

He wants to say (and surely grinds his teeth over not saying) . . . hurl? Or propel? Or maybe just send?

But hurtle? No. Things hurtle, you don’t hurtle them. It’s intransitive.

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