A word of thanks to Benedict from an English ordinariate priest

That is, an Anglican priest-scholar who joined the minor exodus to Rome made possible by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 — as the Church of England lost any semblance of what (soon to be Saint) John Henry Cardinal Newman called “the vivifying principle of truth, the shadow of Peter, the grace of the Redeemer.”

We got out only just in time, didn’t we? Right at the very last possible moment, when the gubernator Petrinus [bark of Peter captain] had guided his barque non sine periculo [not without risk] so close to our sinking ship that we were able to step from one deck to the other, our suitcases in our hands, without even getting our feet wet. What a gentle, generous, holy and humble old man Benedict XVI is. God bless him, always.

From one who is grateful beyond imagining for being welcomed in such a way back to the church of Peter and his successors.

via Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment: Aurea Aetas Clericorum