?? . . . which as you all know means “the corruption of the best is the worst kind of corruption. Or: try “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

This priest is down on the “least society,” while allowing that??

There were truly great Jesuits.?? There still are!?? I know and respect some, and they are not all elderly.

But . . . they

. . . need a massive reform from top ??? especially from top ??? to the last and most recent of their ranks.

So . . .

Pray for a new St. Francis Xavier to rise up.?? Can you imagine what he would say, looking around???

We need Jean de Br??bouf, not Jasmine the Poof.?? When the Iroquois were torturing St. Jean to death, they drank his blood because they wanted to have his courage.?? We need new Edmund Campions, Robert Southwells, John Gerards.?? We need Rupert Mayers, not Daniel Berrigans.?? We need John de Brittos, not Roger Haights.?? We need Peter Clavers, not Thomas Reeses.??

We need Walter Ciszeks not George Tyrells.?? We need Peter Fabers, not Jon Sobrinos.?? We need Robert Bellarmines, not Daniel Maquires.?? We need Alfred Delps, not Robert Drinans.?? We need William Doyles, not Ernesto Cardenals.?? We need Aloysius Gonzagas, not Jacques Dupuis. We need John Hardons, not John Dears.

We need Miguel Agust??n Pro Ju??rez, not Antonio Spadaros.?? We need Jean Pierre de Caussades, not??Pierre Teilhard de Chardins. We need Francis Borgias, not Pedro Arupes.?? We need??Claude de la Colombieres, not?? Carlo Maria Martinis.??We need Peter Canisius, not Karl Rahners.

It’s a list featuring today’s headliner mischief-makers vs. saints and other honorable headliners, mostly of times gone by.????