#BlackLivesMatter, White Guilt and the Marketing of Racism

We are being played.

I can’t breathe.

I’m . . .  fighting back tears as I write, again, about this prevalent injustice. They don’t see us as individual human beings, but a group to be exploited, separated, and judged based on our pigmentation.

I’m talking about mainstream media and their manipulation of all Americans, corralling us into our respective color zones. They have a narrative to peddle. And we see it with every tragic account of black Americans killed by those tasked with the extremely dangerous job of serving and protecting. I’m repulsed by a news media that is hell-bent on fomenting a racial war.

I’m angry by the seemingly impulsive and irreversible actions of a handful of overzealous police officers whose punishment (if that even happens in court) will never bring back these precious lives.

Many of us can recall the names: Trayvon Martin . . .

Etc. etc. New-style journalism run amok.

via  The Radiance Foundation

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  • Margaret  On 09/16/2019 at 7:14 PM

    While perpetuating that lie; we have the non-reporting about the “Knockout Game” in which gangs of blacks brutally attack whites who have done nothing to them.

    Further, we have tenured blacks and some deluded whites who call for the killing of white people. They don’t lose their jobs and they aren’t hounded out of civilized society for their calls for violence and “hate speech.”

    White people just quietly buy more guns, “just in case.”


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