‘An Awakening’ Among Black Voters

Can it be true?

Former NFL player Jack Brewer, who is black, will be among the many African-Americans to cast their vote for President Trump in November. He predicts that the President will receive over 20% of the black vote which may well hand him a victory.

Although 20% may sound almost too good to be true, two polls conducted last month by Emerson and Rasmussen showed Trump’s support among blacks at 34%. In 2016, he earned just 8% of the black vote. According to the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, “Republican presidential candidates since 1976 have averaged 10% support from black voters, ranging from a low of 4% for John McCain in 2008 when he ran against Mr. Obama to 17% for Gerald Ford in 1976.”

Yes it can, yes it can, as spelled out in Former NFL Player and Obama Fundraiser Now Supports Trump; Says ‘There Is An Awakening’ Among Black Voters

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