Chi Trib unloads on “Mr. Webb,” who is investigating Kim Foxx, posing a # of questions . . .

She herself won’t talk about what Mr. W. is looking at. But boy, wouldn’t his findings influence the coming election? Hey, this is “crook” county, remember. Are we in for another stinko situation? Super-stinko, actually, following on the Jessie Smollett fiasco.

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Pope: Society is “civil” if it fights against a “culture of waste”

I went from watching Amazon’s “Amazing Mrs. Maisel,” a wise-cracking extravaganza, to this from Pope Francis, and didn’t miss a beat.

Pope Francis on Thursday said that modern society “is progressively eroding the understanding of that which makes human life precious” by evaluating life in terms of efficiency and utility. He delivered the warning in an address to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is meeting in Plenary Assembly.

Speaking specifically to the issue of care for the terminally ill – the focus of the reflections of the Congregation – the Pope talked about the need to “convert the gaze of the heart” in the light of compassion, and praised the work of hospices where the “therapy of dignity” is practiced.

In his address, Pope Francis also encouraged members of the Congregation to continue “with firmness” their studies concerning the revision of the norms on “more serious crimes” (“graviora delicta”) in order to proceed along the path of transparency and of respect for the dignity of the “smallest” among us.


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Make your blog or other online item an act of love, advises a bishop

Bishop Robert Barron, once of Chicago,  says something, as one of many interviewed for a long article, that just might give a blogger pause next time he goes after a bad guy:

“I would also give the following spiritual advice,” Bishop Barron said. “Before you say or write anything on social media — whether you are publishing your own material or responding to someone else — ask this simple question: Do these words of mine constitute an act of love?”

But maybe this is using a hammer to kill a fly.

How about, instead, checking what you write for its urbanity, which as a practical matter has a good chance of amounting to the same thing?

Or even picture yourself looking the other in the eye as you talk about him or her.

In medio stat virtus is another healthy norm.

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Pope Francis’s traditionalists — oops!! a 2017 speculation — SORRY.

Added: But it’s a very interesting story anyhow,  just not current.


Say what??

On the weekend that posters of a scowling Pope Francis were plastered over Rome by traditionalists protesting against his “bullying” tactics, news filtered through that Rome is on the verge of signing a deal with the Society of St Pius X.

This year, the Lefebvrists could be fully reconciled to the Holy See. By the alleged Modernist bully on the posters. And with virtually no strings attached.

Stunned am I.

This is surreal; but then everything in Rome is surreal now. It’s as if the scriptwriters of The Young Pope have been let loose on the Bergoglio pontificate.

It’s like Nixon the conservative recognizing Red China, a devil-may-care decision. No strings yet.

Read about it here: Catholic Herald

More on:VP Pence Warns the Vatican About China

Italian politics:

The Italian government signed the illusory [March 2019] “Silk Road” agreement of economic cooperation with the Chinese government and also approved the provision of 5G telecom services to Chinese providers, despite security concerns expressed by the U.S. government.

That Chinese betrayal:

Meanwhile, Bergoglio has effectively handed control of the Chinese Catholic Church to the Beijing regime. The Argentinian pope has been sending friendly signals to Beijing for some time, and he has also stubbornly refused to say anything in condemnation of the violence of the regime against the protesters in Hong Kong who are asking for freedom.

Oh boy. What’s not to dislike about this pope’s maneuverings?

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VP Pence Warns the Vatican About China

Few months earlier, SecState Pompeo. Why the interest by U.S.?

It is evident that the White House is aware that right now Rome represents a dangerous unknown factor in the global confrontation between the USA and China.

Seen from overseas, both the Vatican and the Italian government must appear wavering, confused and in disarray. Both of them have exposed themselves to Chinese influence, a bit like sorcerers’ apprentices.

Apart from U.S. concerns, there are those priests who won’t join the ChiCom govt. program and are in dire straits.

Like the (fellow) Jesuits in Buenos Aires whose faculties Francis, then SJ provincial, lifted. Later they paid dearly for this disavowal.

via Antonio Socci: VP Pence Warns the Vatican About China