Biden to voter in auto plant about gun control: “You’re full of sh-t”

Said the voter ought to “step outside” to settle the issue.

As “Joe Biden” and “senility” become twins in voters’ minds, like macaroni and cheese, Biden got into a verbal brawl with a Michigan autoworker, telling the younger man he was “full of s—” and threatening to “go outside” and settle their differences on the Second Amendment.

Nothing to see here: Dem congresswoman says he was just having “a human moment.”

Telling worried handler to “shush,” Biden took his humanity further and called the man “a horse’s ass.”

Sharpening his debating skills.

Spirited exchange, end of campaign vs. incivility, because the main Dem said it, so what?

via John Kass Column: Trump wasn’t the first to wonder about #BidensCognitiveDecline – Chicago Tribune