In having an election, why can’t the state and the city be friends?

State likes coming to the polls: damn the Ruhan plague, full-speed ahead. City says mail it in, without said polls.

— Says Block Club Chicago and in nice follow-up, Sun-Times. (Apparently follow-up, per sequence of arrival of my and probably thousands of other desks and devices.) —

In said exchange, city vs. state, the latter looks  stupid.

The damned-if you-do, damned-if-you-don’t current situation a la Wuhan plague

From one of our wise men from the West, the eminent Victor Davis Hanson:

In our current hours of COVID-19 despair, we must fight both the virus and the panic that the disease instills, given that the two can be equally deadly.

All sorts of scary statistics about the coronavirus infection and lethality rates are being publicized, often to show contrasts with annual influenza strains and other viral epidemics.

Some make the legitimate point that if the coronavirus has a lethality rate of over 1 percent to 3 percent in the United States, then perhaps 97 percent to 99 percent of those infected will survive the illness, albeit with varying degrees of seriousness.

And for the vast majority of Americans under 50, it may be that 99 percent will recover from infection, in contrast with almost every known “pandemic” in history.

Tell that to 97% of newspaper-readers, TV-viewers, and radio-listeners and see how long that conversation lasts.