Notice this softening of the six-foot rule, pay heed to the bending possibilities . . .

As explained by an expert, and I don’t mean some son of a b—- from out of town.

. . . for those who get cabin fever easily, the good news is you don’t have to stay cooped up.

That’s a relief, of course.

You can spend time outdoors as long as you respect other people and stay about 6 feet away from other people. There’s no magic number.

Room for personal choice there, apparently.

But the odds of breathing in infected . . . particles [are reduced] as a function of distance from the person who is coughing or sneezing.

If the person is neither coughing or sneezing? Use your head, I guess.

And finally:

“Six feet is an arbitrary distance, but it’s a good rule of thumb,” said Dr. Kenneth TylerChair of the Department of Neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and the department’s Louise Baum Endowed Professor.

Not to be enforced by crossing guards, for instance, though they have been furloughed for a while.

Oh, and the coughing and sneezing codicil goes for cystic fibrosis too. which has its own six-foot rule (of thumb).

via What is social distancing? Hint: You can go outside. – UCHealth Today

Coronavirus tactics vs. gun violence? If government can curb our rights to fight a virus, then why not to deal with guns?

Sun-Times columnist is asking. Canary in mine.

Some there are who like this govt. taking control idea. Bad cess to them. Woe for all of us.

Some years back I heard a long-ago news woman tossing off this, when the China miracle was in the news and we were struggling thru our new-normal Obama-time doldrums: “What do they have that we don’t have?” she asked at table. I rolled my eyes to another, who smiled.

No. No no no no.

via Chicago Sun-Times