Flatten the Coronavirus Curve at a Lower Cost

Something’s gotta give.

A blanket lockdown can’t go on. Keeping every business closed and every worker at home until a vaccine is available won’t work. Replacing the private economy with borrowed federal money for months on end won’t work.

If this were the plague, with 50% of the infected dying, it might be a different story. But people won’t put up with losing many trillions of dollars to flatten the curve of this virus.

Gung-ho mayors, mayoresses, and governors, please. Moderate yourselves.

More more more here: WSJ

Despite Coronavirus, Sweden Refuses To Shutter Businesses and Limit Gatherings

The Scandinavian country is betting against draconian restrictions and in favor of the free movement of people and goods.

Betting, yes. Just the thing. Recognition of uncertainty that haunts life. Unhappy alternative is to avoid it. Some do, most do not.  What do Swedes know that Americans don’t?

via Reason.com