Report: Thousands of urns shipped to Wuhan, where the virus is supposedly under control

What’s wrong with this opening statement about ChiCom honesty and openness?

If you can’t trust a totalitarian government waging a ruthless propaganda war to tell the truth about the extent of the epidemic within its borders, who can you trust?

Come on, you see it, don’t you? OK, I’ll tell you. It’s the “who” in the question! “WHOM”!

OK, that said, other than that, there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

Add this to the growing pile of circumstantial evidence that China’s coronavirus problem isn’t as well in hand as they’d like the world to believe.

They kicked out American reporters shortly before announcing that cases in Wuhan had dropped to zero, presumably to choke off the flow of accurate information about the true state of the spread.

On the day that number was announced, reports to the contrary were already trickling out on social media:


Read all about ChiCom perfidy — with its sidebar, unnecessary, taken for granted, about U.S. mediums all agog about how BAD we are at containing the virus —  here, at Hot Air.

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