Coronavirus and the Cult of Expertise | Nathan Pinkoski | First Things

Now consider this:

[T]he present crisis is being triggered by the conclusions of experts, conclusions that have enormous consequences for everyday life.

And this:

[Philosopher Alasdair] MacIntyre singles out managerial, bureaucratic “expertise” as hindering human flourishing in our time. Managerial experts claim to possess technical skills that enable them to achieve (or to advise others how to achieve) whatever outcomes are worth achieving.

“Expertise” is a claim to efficiency in achieving those ends. It is the basis for a manager’s authority to manipulate human beings into compliant patterns of behavior. The authority of expertise legitimates many of the institutions that dominate modern social life—government bureaucracies, psychological counseling, progressive education, and more. The claim of expertise purports to justify all kinds of social control.

more more more here.

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