New Chicago police superintendent outlines his priorities – Chicago Sun-Times

This is a wordy, b.s. statement, boding no good for the city.

He has three priorities, the first of which is to make cops feel good about him.

. . . conveying to the men and women of the Chicago Police Department that I care about them. I have this saying that, ‘People don’t care what you know. They know that you care. Sincerely care about, right now, the virus’s impact on them and their lives and their families’ lives.”

The second is a plan:

. . . Mayor Lori Lightfoot and interim Supt. Charlie Beck have worked to craft [worked hard too, I bet. did they do
] since January to keep Chicago safe this summer . . . and prevent the number of homicides and shootings from spiking along with the temperatures.

. . . We have to have strong plans . . . We have to expand on those plans. . .

The third:

to comply with the consent decree outlining the terms of federal court oversight over the Chicago Police Department. In preparing himself to take the reins in Chicago, Brown said he read all 800 pages of that decree.

New police chief does not have one priority, to promote public safety? Put away or otherwise thwart the bad guys? Supporting cops? And what the hell is this about people not caring what you know but knowing that you care?

Hope he does everything well. He already knows how to shoot it in a public statement.

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