AP anoints Joe “devout”

Does he pray?

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Remember the old “devout” tag for any Catholic who showed up for mass on Sunday? It’s back, for Joe the pro-choice candidate. 

NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is ramping up its courtship of Catholic voters ahead of a likely November matchup against a devout Catholic Democrat, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Ignorance abounds among large portions of the mainstream. Last night Chicago’s NBC Channel 5 reader spoke of a not-Catholic evangelical church as having “held mass” in violation of  viral lockdown edicts.

Young woman said it with straight face, per her assignment.  It was the newswriter who provided the text.

By such a standard does this AP writer hang the tag on Joe B., who in some (few) dioceses would be refused communion.

Let us see how long the tag lasts this time around.

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