The Curious Case of Cardinal Pell: “The Power of the State was Recruited to Destroy Pell”

Justice was delayed . . .

At the eleventh hour, the nation’s highest court redeemed some of the credibility the Australian justice system had lost, reminding the nation and the world that the rule of law is not yet dead.

That assertion, however, remains doubtful in Victoria (Australia’s second largest state in terms of population).

There, the conduct of the Pell case routinely violated principles of justice recognised as sacrosanct in every civilised society.


Astonishingly, not one Australian Bishop (as far as I know) has publicly demanded a public inquiry into the conduct of the Pell case by Victoria Police and the state’s justice system.

Timid fellows, or unwilling to protest treatment of one who had been a gadfly in the cause of conservative liturgical reform.

In any case, Australian crawl got a new definition.