Discover the Networks and Rep. Maxine Waters of California . . .

To your right on a crowded page, and there she is, worrying about the poor governors being pressured to shut down the lockdowns. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the site, there are lots of things about her, including this:

On June 24, 2017, Waters held a town hall meeting at the Nakaoka Community Center in Gardena, California, and did not permit anyone who lived outside of Waters’s 43rd Congressional District to be admitted inside the facility; such individuals were instead relegated to an outdoor “overflow space.”

In light of these facts, it is worth noting that Waters herself does not reside in her own 43rd Congressional District, which is one of the poorest districts in the state of California. She owns a $4.8 million mansion in the upscale Hancock Park section of Los Angeles, several miles outside of her District.

She’s a study, to be sure.

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