Twitter Adds Fact-Check Notices to Trump Tweets on Mail-In Ballots

WSJ does nice, calm enough job reporting and dissecting this story, at the end with this key notation:

The mistake [in its own fact-check] raised questions about Twitter’s ability to serve as an independent service to fact check statements by Mr. Trump or other political figures . . . Late Tuesday, Twitter updated its language [changed its story] to remove reference to Nebraska [which mailed applications for
ballot, because of Covid, and not ballots] and instead stated that “five states already vote entirely by mail and all states offer some form of mail-in absentee voting.”

Yes. Its ability is one issue, it’s becoming a commentator is another. But free market of ideas (freedom of speech) is at the heart of even anti-social media, namely the assumption that everything said is target for rebuttal and God knows what else.

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