Profane exchange: Lightfoot, chief City Council critic tussle over police tactics during looting

Does she know what she’s doing?

Chicago Newspapers

Ald. Ray Lopez said the mayor told him he was “full of s–t” when he demanded to know her plan to protect neighborhoods. His response? “I told her, ‘F–k you. You don’t know what’s going on.’”

Heated exchange:

By Sunday night, Lopez said neighborhoods were in chaos, and he believed his warnings about a “coordinated attempt to destabilize our city” had proved true.

On a second conference call between the mayor and aldermen, Lopez said several aldermen were “in tears” about the damage done to their communities.

“I asked her point-blank. I said, ‘I told you this was gonna happen in the morning. I warned you. What is our plan for the neighborhoods? How are we gonna stabilize the communities? We need a five-day plan. The assumption that this is all gonna go away because you’ve got a curfew is wrong. We need to stabilize the communities. I want an…

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