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Remarkable comment on two bishops, riots, and a tin ear . . .


I was going to title it “We have two disappointing bishops on our hands,” but then I noticed the Facebook meme for “Blackout Tuesday” and got distracted.

The two disappointing bishops are, pardon me I mean no disrespect but I must say it, Bishop Barron and our own good Cardinal Cupich. The excellent and hardworking Bishop Barron concludes at the end of a longish article, “Pentecost and the fires in our streets,” essentially that all the looting is owing to “400 years of racism,” which by the way is Antifa’s own trope. Yes, so that’s why Antifa would try to burn down a historic Episcopal church in Washington D.C., and that’s why my employer has had at least five stores of its retail chain in Chicago looted, and one essentially destroyed, even to the warehouse, the IT room and all the cash registers.

And our good Cardinal Cupich writes a…

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