Defund the police! Defund the police! What does it all mean?

NPR knows how to go after a guy. For instance, this hardball question to a Brooklyn College prof, who wrote a book about it:

“People ask the question, without police, what do you do when someone gets murdered?” asked NPR’s Leah Donnella. “What do you do when someone’s house gets robbed? What do you say to those people who have those concerns?”

You know, the oddball down the street who gets all flustered when his house gets robbed.

OK, but she did ask, and as you see, he got right down to it:

“Well, I’m certainly not talking about any kind of scenario where tomorrow someone just flips a switch and there are no police,” he began. [No switch-flipping!] “What I’m talking about is the systematic questioning [the best kind] of the specific [another best kind] roles that police currently [not in the long-ago] undertake, and attempting to develop evidence-based alternatives so that we can dial back our reliance on them. And my feeling is that this encompasses actually [!] the vast majority of what police do. We have better alternatives for them.” [Name one?]

Wins him points in the faculty lounge every day.

via Byron York’s Daily Memo

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