Saint Ephrem, Deacon (373 A.D.); Saints Mark & Marcellian, Martyrs (286 A.D.)

Let us now praise godly singing . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

His hymns did what?

Ephrem the Syrian (c. 300-373) was a native of Nisibis, in Roman Mesopotamia, and was very probably the head of the catechetical school of that city until its capture by the Persians. He subsequently became a monk near Edessa and there spent most of his life writing commentaries on the Bible and composing hymns. Ephrem’s hymns, written in his native Syriac, kept his people free from heresy and won for the saint the title of “Harp of the Holy Spirit.” His hymns to the Virgin Mary, in particular, form an important contribution to Catholic dogma.

Hymns can do that, which points up a main complaint about the mass of the ’70s until now: they flirt with sentimental nonsense, blurring doctrine in favor of a mostly sweetness-and-light contribution to what Catholics believe.

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Trump bashes ‘washed-up’ Bolton over forthcoming book, says ex-national security adviser ‘broke the law’ | Fox News

Bolton bashes, Trump rebuts:

“Well, first of all,” Trump responded, “nobody has been tougher on Russia or China than I have. Nobody even close. China’s paying us billions of dollars a year. They never gave us 10 cents [before], and [Joe] Biden’s son walked away with a billion and a half dollars to manage, making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars on it.

“So nobody has been tough on China and nobody has been tough with Russia like I have. And that’s that’s in the record books. And it’s not even close. The last administration did nothing on either.”

It’s rebuttal by comparison, with previous administrations and more specifically with his ridiculous but leading-in-the-polls opponent.

Those realignment blues

Two mayors ago, in July of 2008, the talk was of moving cops to where the gangs are, etc. . . .

Blithe Spirit

Hoo boy, am I dumb. When Mary Mitchell called for more cops in black gangsters? neighborhoods ? ?on the South Side where most of the shootings have occurred? ? I simply asked, rhetorically, To do what? Can they get aggressive, or is that what causes riots (smaller things have caused riots), as Mitchell said, agreeing with Daley?

?[T]he mayor is right about one thing,? she wrote.

Community activists would have gone berserk had Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis ordered police to stop every white T-shirt, cap-cocked-to-the-side, medallion swinging, pants-sagging black and brown youth in and around the Taste.

“You have to be cautious. You can’t just send a hundred policemen and — say if it’s Gang X African-Americans — and start grabbing every African-American [in the area]. You’d have a full-scale riot,” the mayor said on Tuesday.

Had police harassed even one person who fit the profile of…

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California reader sounds off: Black Lives Matter protests are blatant hypocrisy

Lays it out for us:

If this anarchist group really cared about African Americans, you should see protesting by them against black-on-black gun violence and killings, but we don’t. Over a thousand African Americans, including children, have been killed by other blacks in relentless gun violence by black gangs . . .

Police officers . . .  are facing a war and battlefield environment trying to clean out the gangs. Police officers were not created or equipped to fight wars. That job belongs to the military.

. . . apparently the motivation of the Black Lives Matter is to . . . cover up the failings of some African Americans and to blame police and civilization as a whole for their problems. They are using a few rare incidents where police might have used too much force as a shameful excuse to tear down our social order nationwide . . .

Speaks for many if not most.