Sweden Close To Victory Over Coronavirus; Never Had A Lockdown Or Mask Mandate | Zero Hedge

Oh that Swedish thing.

As the rest of Europe and the world remains under the grip of draconian rules and the threat of new lockdowns, Sweden, which allowed its citizens to remain free throughout the entire pandemic, has pretty much declared victory over the coronavirus.

The country now has one of the lowest infection rates on the planet, and it’s difficult not to admire how it has handled the past year, with no strict lockdown or compulsory face mask rules. All businesses, schools and public places remained open in Sweden for the duration.

Setbacks along the way, but look at it now.

“Sweden has gone from being the country with the most infections in Europe to the safest one,” Sweden’s senior epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell commented to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“What we see now is that the sustainable policy might be slower in getting results, but it will get results eventually,” Tegnell clarified.

“And then we also hope that the result will be more stable,” he added.

Where did Dr. T. stand on masks?

Tegnell previously warned that encouraging people to wear face masks is “very dangerous” because it

gives a false sense of security but does not effectively stem the spread of the virus.

“The findings that have been produced through face masks are astonishingly weak, even though so many people around the world wear them,” Tengell has urged.

Can you hear the gnashing of teeth at this news?

Wall Street Journal asks, “A Trump Comeback? Biden wants to make campaign a referendum on Trump. He’ s succeeding with Trump’s help.”

Advice from friends:

The country deserves a debate over policy because Mr. Biden is proposing the most left-wing agenda of any major party candidate in our lifetime. The Democratic strategy is to keep Mr. Trump talking about Donald J. Trump.

Will the real Mr. Trump step forward? Rather, will he promote what he’s done and not (unwisely) what he can be at times, annoyingly.