Biden team in full denial mode about border crisis — Byron York’s Daily Memo

Classic case of telling people, “Nothing to see here, move on.”

BIDEN TEAM IN FULL DENIAL MODE ABOUT BORDER CRISIS. During the campaign, candidate Joe Biden promised to undo President Trump’s border security policies. He pledged to halt all deportations for 100 days and allow asylum seekers who enter the United States illegally to stay in this country while their cases are considered, rather than wait in Mexico, as Trump required.

It was obvious that Biden’s changes would attract a flood of new illegal immigrants. So during the transition, the president-elect sounded a note of caution. In late December, Biden told reporters he would not throw out the Trump program immediately, lest the United States “end up with two million people on our border.” Instead, Biden said, he would take some time to set up “guardrails” to make sure his new system would work smoothly.

Blah and blah and blah. Read the rest.

Enough Is Enough: Time to Finally Follow the Science on Masks – American Thinker

This fellow gives a lot of data and graphs and argues well, is willing to offer this as his closing:

A careful look at the charts shows that mask mandates did nothing except make money for mask-manufacturers and Emmy Awards for petty tyrants pimping masks and lockdowns. COVID deaths rose, and then fell, without any effect from masking. And these are the data we should be looking at.

It’s worse than worthless to tell people that masks will filter out the virus when the data show that masks have no effect. It’s the same evil that rises when we frighten people about how “deadly” the bug is as we learn how to treat it and it resolves into part of the background. Schools get closed, and children are irreparably harmed. People die from multiple other causes related to poverty from lockdowns.

It’s time to lift the yoke of tyrants off our necks and take the diapers off our faces.

Oh, and this is you, or someone like you or like someone you know, but when you get down to it, none of these. But I guarantee you, if she reads and digests this article, she will thereafter, apart from getting into stores etc. without trouble, probably be neither mask-wearer nor -worrier. The trick is to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!