Dunkin’ D, Holy Mass (and Father), people buying doughnuts

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Theme of this and many another day, not necessarily relevant to what follows: Resignation is the lot of a thinking man or woman.


Six feet apart we are at Dunkin’, where it’s no mask, no problem, in a time of reduced mitigation. See Daddy, tall, well-constructed fellow with we guess four-year-old daughter. He explains getting change: Costs a dollar, you give him five, he returns four. She gets it. Had asked him, he had explained.

Elsewhere and otherwise:

No-no-no, says a young customer, soft-voiced, pleasant, picking out a doughnut, pointing. “She/Her” button is pinned (with others) on her backpack. The sentiment (message) is this year’s thing.

Holy Mass as discussed by the eminent Fr. HunwickeXavier U-Cincinnati Chapel mass comes up now and then with a creed all its own, friend Mike told me some time back. Like the LGBT mass in a UK church, in which is…

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Fauci’s Failures Are Firing Offenses . . .

The nation’s doctor!

Dr. Anthony Fauci has impressive credentials and a lengthy tenure as a top-level government health official dating back to 1984. But his performance during the COVID-19 pandemic has been abysmal, with politicized non-science-based edicts and frequently reversed “medical advice” that have confused and frightened Americans.


Just a week ago, Fauci made what to some was a stunning admission: “We’ve done worse than most any country” in managing the outbreak, he said. We say “stunning” because Fauci, as head of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is the official most responsible for the U.S. response.

And it’s not on him? High-priced, anyhow:

His 2019 pay of $417,608 makes him the nation’s highest paid federal official. As a scientist, he’s held in very high esteem by many, particularly those on the left, who see his sweeping powers – lockdowns, masking, social distancing – as a nifty means of social control. It’s control of 330 million people via social isolation and nonstop browbeating of those who dare to diverge from the oppressive “new normal” we all now experience on a daily basis.

Now that’s what you call a takedown. Details?

The big problem has been Fauci’s pronunciamentos are often nonsensical, not supported by science or contradictory. “These are my principles,” Groucho Marx once said. “If you don’t like these, I have others.” That’s Fauci.

Oh my.

Take masking, for instance. The Daily Wire counted five different mask policies by Fauci as of Feb. 11. Oops! Make that six. After calling masking “largely symbolic” last spring and telling Americans “don’t wear masks,” he now suggests we need to “double mask” and that it might last into 2022.

Follow Fauci? Which one?

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