On the road to mandatory masks: A crosstown journey

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On this day I set my sights on the 7:38 #22 bus at Clark and Balmoral, destination the church of my choice at (roughly) Chicago and Ogden/Milwaukee, which is (roughly) a half hour by auto, an hour by bus. Not doing auto (a) for change and (b) driving takes more out of me that I want to expend so early in the day.

However: Getting to the Clark Street assignation early, I unfortunately decided what the hay, tempted by the appearance on the scene of the earlier bus, thinking I’d get to church earlier — for the 8:30 mass. Alas . . . but let the scene play out.

My Clark bus reached Lawrence, 8 blocks on, at 7:30, moving right along, hustle, hustle, driver doing his stuff, no nonsense. And before we knew it, Montrose, mile and half to go to my transfer. Then Irving, a mile. Making good…

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Fauci: Daily new cases should be below 10,000 before US lifts pandemic restrictions ⋆ American Wire

When Dr. Fauci speaks, people listens. Makes good reading and table talk. It’s what he recommends, advises, thinks “would be” the thing to do, etc. etc. Good to hear his opinion.

. . . case levels may have to be “considerably less” than 10,000 per day for him to support rolling back mask and social distancing mandates in place in many U.S. cities and states.

. . . he disagreed with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision. “Well, I wouldn’t want to see . . .

“. . . would like to see . . . ”

I’ll just pick a number. . . but I would say . . . ”

. . . he “would like to see . . . ”

. . . states could “gradually” pull back . . .

“I want us to all start getting back to some degree of normality, but we want to do that gradually and not all of a sudden, abruptly.”

Egad no!

Thanks, Doc. When you put it that way, you’re not such a bad guy after all.