Biden’s nominee for top civil rights post hyped the Jussie Smollett hoax, criticized police for seeking actor ’s cell phone ⋆ American Wire

The lady is a loser:

  • Kristen Clarke, the nominee to lead the Justice Department’s civil rights division, fell for the false claims made by actor Jussie Smollett that he was the victim of an anti-black and anti-gay hate crime in 2019.
  • Clarke also accused the Chicago police department of “demonizing survivors” after investigators requested access to Smollett’s cell phone.
  • “Jussie Smollett was subjected to a racist and homophobic attack,” Clarke wrote on Twitter.
  • Smollett was later charged with multiple felonies for making the false hate crime report.

Chicago’s own fix-is-in classic. Biden, or whoever’s deciding for him, wants to put her in charge of, what? Civil rights? Say it isn’t so, Joe.

President Biden Goes 50 Days Without a Press Conference

He’s the invisible president.

But what did we expect? He hid in a basement campaigning. It got to be a habit.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden will likely hold a press conference “before the end of the month,” although she has not been able to promise that the American people will see him regularly.

Above her pay grade, apparently.