The Crypto-Jacobin Revolution in America

Chicago Newspapers

Winding up his list of anomalies, James Kunstler asked about President Joe:

Speaking of Joe Biden, alleged to be president, he was oddly absent altogether on the front page of Monday’s New York Times, leading the curious to wonder if last Tuesday night’s Coronavirus Action speech drained his dwindling mojo for the rest of the month.

Joe, we hardly knew you.

The curious might also seek to know why Mr. Biden’s “team” is still so wound up about eradicating Coronavirus, yet eager to let tens of thousands cross the border illegally from Mexico, many of them live vectors of the virus, who are then bused all over the USA under the revived “catch-and-release” policy.

Does he know about this?

Mr. Biden’s “honeymoon” period is about over. The country had not quite discovered just how leaderless it is. Will it come as a shock to find out? After all…

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Prayer to St. Joseph for a happy death

Sunday sermons, weekday observations

Many traditions hold that Joseph died in the arms or presence of Jesus and Mary.

It’s a consoling image that has led the Church to proclaim him the patron saint of a happy death.

Here is a prayer that recalls this image and can give comfort while we await death. We never know when God will call us home. In the meantime, let us prepare for that day, looking on it as a day of great joy.

Blessed Joseph, who died in the arms of Jesus and Mary, obtain for me the grace to breathe my last in praise, saying or thinking, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give Thee my heart and my soul.” Amen.

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