CNN Caves and Admits Ron DeSantis’ Decision to Keep State Open Was the Right Call

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Well, well, well.

At the time of writing, the two leading states in deaths per capita remain New Jersey and New York.

Florida is 27th.

Not to mention, Florida has a higher percentage of elderly citizens.

And with a flourishing economy, Florida is better set for the long-run than Democrat-controlled, pro-lockdown states.


See also Wash Examiner:

If you blinked while watching CNN this morning, you might have missed it, but the cable news outlet has finally come around to admitting what so many of us have known for months: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican (AHHH!!), was right.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny went to Florida, no doubt on a mission to see just how badly DeSantis was screwing up. He was left with no choice but to report a segment Wednesday with the truth. Florida, all things considered, is a model state for how we should have handled the…

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American Airlines “Looking Into It” After John Kerry Busted Flying Without Mask | ZeroHedge

Chicago Newspapers

Being a climate czar gives you certain freedoms. E.g, —vvvv


The heck of it is, people like me take comfort from this, emboldens us, you might say, in our devil-may-care habit of walking the mean streets of Bowmanville — not kidding, it’s the ‘hood right next to ours — with mask at the ready (in pocket) for whipping out and putting on when we buy coffee or enter church.

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