“no control in the city” says Crain’s Chi Business. Not the point at all, say Wirepoints commenters, laying into Madam Mayor . . .

Chicago Newspapers

. . . Barring no holds.

* Chicago’s problem isn’t “no control”, there’s too too too much “control” coming from our SJW/BLM/WTF mayor, hampering police efforts, too too too much “control” from Foxx, Evans, Preckwinkle, et al in regards to BLM/SJW agenda. Civility is absent, victim of “white privilege” rhetoric, and in exchange we get “rage in the streets” rhetoric to justify lawlessness, violence, and disregard for public safety.

* . . . No Control for an orgy of progressive fantasies. This is exactly what the city wants and they want more, not less of it. Lori’s massive security detail is because progressives don’t think she’s gone far enough. She doesn’t fear conservatives. She fears left wing progressives who are upset she hasn’t completely dismantled the police department by now. Can the ‘journalist’ at crAins be so dumb not to see this?

* Foxx is a bigger problem than…

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