Down with conservatives, thunders Pope Francis

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This pope has a bee in his bonnet.

VATICAN CITY, Jan 6 (Reuters) – Pope Francis took an apparent dig at conservatives resisting change in the Roman Catholic Church on Thursday, lamenting those whose religion he said was self-referential and encased in a “suit of armour”.

On the Feast of the Epiphany, Francis seemed to direct specific criticism at those who have balked at his decision to restrict the traditionalist Latin Mass, saying the liturgy could not be trapped in a “dead language.”

“Have we been stuck all too long, nestled inside a conventional, external and formal religiosity that no longer warms our hearts and changes our lives?,” Francis said.

“Do our words and our liturgies ignite in people’s hearts a desire to move towards God, or are they a ‘dead language’ that speaks only of itself and to itself?”

At his pastoral best.

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At mass it’s here’s lookin’ at YOU, Father . . .

Dominus Vobiscum: Notes from a massgoer's underground

. . . unless he’s turned around the looking same way you are looking, at God incarnate in the tabernacle, or up to God in heaven above in a tried and true symbolic gesture — He’s everywhere, we know — God being the most important person in the room.

But no, it’s the mass of the faithful kneeling, standing, sitting together under the same room in His house, the mass of gazing on Father at the altar and what he does, hearing his voice (as prescribed) almost constantly, requiring (demanding) our attention. It’s his time to shine, whether he or we like it or not.

And He? Gets a lot of lip service, He does. Priest keeps things moving right along. Few empty (of words) moments.

Not good, not good, not good . . .

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