River Forest whites urged to examine their consciences

Oak Park Chronicles

Together on Zoom. in “White Accountability Groups,” which . . .

. . . are for people who identify as white and/or have white skin privilege to explore how to recognize whiteness and white privilege, identify and interrupt our internalized dominance, and collectively develop strategies for liberation and change,” the duo wrote on their intake form for those seeking to participate in the . . . groups,


are scheduled to meet over Zoom every other week on Monday beginning Jan. 31 from 4 to 5:15 p.m.

No end date is mentioned. The duo are Dominican University’s ministry coordinator and Title V Project director. Title V is for advancing equity among programs serving mothers’ and children’s health.

Villagers are urged to participate in the Zoom meetings by the village president.

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A senile phantasmagoria.

Chicago Newspapers

The nation is not in the best of hands.

Yesterday President Biden held a rare press conference to observe the first anniversary of his tenure in office. I assess Biden’s press conference yesterday the worst ever — the worst presidential press conference, that is.

He went on for nearly two hours. The longer it went, the worse he got.

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